The National Foundation for the Improvement of The Horses Breed  (Ex Establishment of the National Stud farms based in 1913) is a public institution created in 1988 by the law n°82-88 of July 11th, 1988.

The Foundation is in charge, under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Hydraulic Resources, of insuring the following missions:

  •  Supervising and encouragement of breeders
  •  Identification, realization and follow-up of the actions of genetic improvement.
  •  Elaboration, implementation and follow-up of the programs of development of the equine breeding
  •  Dress of genealogical books of equines races
  •  Organization, control and follow up of the public mating.
  •  Participation in the development of the equestrian sports and the equestrian tourism
  •  Representation of the sector with the national and international organizations

Main Horse breed in TUNISIA:

  •   Arab
  •   Thoroughbreds
  •   Barb and Arab Barb
  •   Pony of Mogod
  •   Anglo-Arab

International relations :

The FNARC maintains relations with the specialized international organizations:

  • World Arabian Horse Organization  (WAHO)
  • European Conference of Arabian Horse Organizations (ECAHO)
  • Organisation Mondiale du Cheval Barbe (OMCB)
  •  International StudBook Committee (ISBC)
  •  European and Mediterranean Stud Book Liaison Committee (EMSBLC)
  • International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG)