The organization and the development of the equine sector

  • Definition of the strategic position of the sector 
  • Decentralization and consolidation of the activities
  • Upgrade of infrastructures
  • Identification and generalized recording of  the equine livestock in Tunisia
  • Contribution to the upgrade of the professional structures
  • Development of the international relations

The optimization of the production of the equine breeding

  • Definition of the objectives of production  
  • Improvement of the genetic potential
  • Control of the techniques of breeding and reproduction
  • Contribution to the greater control of the equine animal health  
  • Participation to the projects and the studies relative to the horse
  • Technicians’ formation specialized in the sector

The promotion of the equine sector

  • Participation in the upgrade of the flat racing  
  • Contribution to the development of the equestrian sports
  • Participation in the development of the tourism and the equestrian leisure activities
  • Rehabilitation of the traditional equitation and the saddlery
  • Promotion of the brand image of the Tunisian horse on a national and international scale