Tunisia was always a country of big tradition of breeding of the horse. The breeding of horses in Tunisia becomes identified with the stages of its history which represented the main bases of its evolution:

  • Approximately 1000 years before J.C: the horse Barb is brought up by tribes nomads of North Africa.
  • 217 before J.C: the cavalry Numide took up horses Barb to the conquest of Rome under the command of the General Carthaginian Hannibal.
  • From 645 to 770: Islamic Conquests of Tunisia by Abdallah Ibn Saad, Okba Ibn Nafaa and Hassan Ibn Nooman using Arabian horses for the cavalry. 
  • 1050: Invasion by tribes Béni Hilal, taking up Arabian horses.
  • 1866: Creation of the first stud farm to Sidi Thabet, in an agricultural domain of 5000 hectares.
  • 1881: Import of 4 arabian mares from the east, the point of departure of the production organized and registered by the Arabic horses in Tunisia.
  • 1884: Creation of the Equestrian and Races Society of Tunisia.
  • 1896: Registration of the first Tunisian horses in Stud Book.
  • 1913: Creation of the Public establishment of the National Stud farms.
  • 1988: Creation of the National Foundation for Improvement of the Horse Breed   (FNARC).